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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy


This type of treatment helps a wound heal by applying a vacuum through a special sealed dressing. The purpose of the vacuum is to draw the fluid out of the wound and increase blood flow to the area. It used to treat wounds that are difficult to heal on their own.

In most instances,  a foam dressing is cut to size to fill an open cavity wound. A film is draped over the foam to create a seal around the dressing. This is then connected to a vacuum pump with a drainage tube. Excess fluids are pumped out of the wound and a moist, healing environment is created.


How to recognize a wound infection?

If a wound becomes infected it can get worse instead of better.

Any pain, redness, and swelling will typically increase in intensity.


Watch out for:

  • warm skin around the wound

  • yellow or green discharge coming from the wound

  • the wound giving off an unpleasant odor

  • red streaks on the skin around the wound

  • chills and fever

  • aches and pains

  • nausea

  • vomiting

Skin Care Management


An estimated 100 million people per year in developed countries acquire scars following surgical procedures whether it be elective, therapeutic or corrective.  Scarring from surgery can have a significant physical and psychological impact depending on the color, relief, size, body location, surface area or function. Whether a procedure be life-saving such as a mastectomy, a caesarean, or a mole excision, or aesthetic such as breast reconstruction or laser treatment, patients are increasingly concerned with having an aesthetic scar outcome. With improved surgical and technological advances, elective surgery and cosmetic procedures are becoming safer and easier to perform in both hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Basic Scar Care 

You may be given special instructions for taking care of the incision. Be sure to follow those instructions carefully. If you are confused by the instructions or you have a question, call your doctor's office. If the office is closed, leave a message with the answering service. If your pain has increased or you suspect you may have an infection, call your doctor as soon as possible.

belly scar
Image by Milada Vigerova
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